Bathing Suit season is around the corner

Anyone ready for bathing suit season???

Yes – its THAT close!

The Look Better Naked Program has a goal to kick start you with a 4-week, kick your butt, do your workouts, get your nutrition straight mindset.

Coaches to guide you every step of the way with online food logging, before/after pictures and measurements, workout and mobility homework!

The price includes 2 workouts per week for our SOAR Fitness Classes or for CrossFit.

If you are a current client, email for Current Client Price.




9:30am – Open Gym with Coach Rafael

10:30 – 14.4 CrossFit Open Workout


12pm – Skillz & Sprintz (open to all Members)

6:00pm – ReFlex with Stacey


Please remember to keep our long time friend and client, Hillary, in your thoughts and prayers. She was involved in a serious car accident this morning. She underwent surgery to relieve brain swelling and is under sedation and stable at this time. She and Michel were just married a few weeks back. We have started a closed fb group to keep everyone updated. If you are not on it and want to be, please let Robin know.

In other news, Logan (Nikki’s son) is healing up well and should be able to go home from the hospital on Wednesday. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for him. Its been a long couple of weeks.

Dynamic warm

Group warm up

Rope climbs
3 -5 ascents.

3 position cleans
High hang
Mid thigh
Below the knee
3-3-3-3.  By feel

For time.
Run 800
25  pistols (alternating)
15 hang cleans 225/135

Scale as needed

Knee on the wall
Thoracic extension
Press ups

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