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The CrossFit Open will be here in 3 weeks! This is an amazing event that allows everyone across the world to participate in a competition to see who is the fittest!

As we all know, we have some major “beasts” in our box who will competing to get to  Regionals. And we want to be able to encourage them as much as possible by showing up to cheer them on when they are doing their Open Wod.

This is a chance to be a part of something bigger than our box. But at the same time, this is part of who our box is as a community. We are a box of hard working, competitive people! We want to see improvement in ourselves, our PRs, our fitness and health! We don’t always compete against each other, but this time, we are.


2 Categories

*RX and Modified

Each week, you will compete in your category to have the best score. The winner in each category will get a prize EACH week!

The cost?

$20 REGISTRATION directly to CrossFit Games

Here is the link to get REGISTERED

*RX Division will not include any previous Regional Competitors

Have questions?

Dynamic Stretches

Group warm up

6 count burpees

50 n 50 ghd

Muscle up drills/progressions

Strict Dips.
At tempo
5-5-5 reps. Up anyway. You can jump up if you need to.

For time
1 k row
80 sit ups
60 hand release push ups
40 thrusters 75/55
20 c2b pull ups

Roll quad and IT band
Corner stretch
Lat band stretch



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