24 Challenge WINNERS!

Brrrrr! It is cold outside!

Join us on MONDAY NIGHT at 6:30pm

a special SuperStrong  Class to say Farewell to our friend!

24-Day Challenge Winners!!!!

1st Place – Tyson Fuller

Tyson lost 8.5 inches, 16 lbs, 2.4% BodyFat and improved his Baseline time by 1:44

2nd Place – Elda Hernandez

Elda lost 3.5 inches, 10lbs, 4.2% bodyfat and improved her baseline by 1 minute

3rd Place – Roxanne Funes

Roxanne lost 4.25 inches, 6lbs, 2.8% bodyfat and improved her baseline by 23 seconds

Want to see numbers  like that? Contact us to start YOUR 24-day Challenge!


NO OPEN GYM tomorrow!!!

dynamic movement prep

Group warm up.

Snatch balance


For time
Start with kb swings
100 kb swings American.
4 burpees each minute on the minute

Mad mobi
Press ups
Keg stretch
Corner stretch
Hamstring up.



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