Meet Robin Tillman

We love our clients at CrossFit Cedar Park, and we want all of you to know of each other. Whether you attend the 5:15am class or once a week for Open Gym, we hope these introductions give you a familiar face next time you walk in to workout with us! Now, meet one of our owners…


1. When did you begin CrossFit?

“David found CrossFit on the web in the summer of 2007. After he nearly died doing Fran, he encouraged me to try it – I said “no.” I would do my regular workouts and Dave would throw in a little “crossfit” here and there, but I totally was not on board because I was old school – machines, dumbbell curls and running or step class for my cardio. We affiliated in 2007 and I went to my Level 1 in December 2007 and was introduced to bottom-to-bottom tabata squats, muscle up transitions, burpees, jump rope, OH squats, and everything else you do in a Level 1. I was pretty hooked after talking to several of the coaches, and learned that I just needed to modify and I would see good results.”

2. What was your occupation before CrossFit Cedar Park?

“I was a personal trainer for Tillman Physical Therapy & Sports Training Center teaching group classes and handling the office management.”

3.Why did CrossFit appeal to you personally?

“When I was triathlon training, I ran once a week – mixing it up with sprints and intervals, I biked once and swam once a week. The rest of the training was Crossfit 2-3x per week. I had my fastest sprint triathlon time ever (after 3 kids) and easiest recovery – due to CrossFit. I had lost inches, I was doing pullups and things I never thought I would do. I really wish it had been around in my early twenties when I started working out instead of spending all that time on the treadmill!”

4.What made you decide to begin coaching?

“I was already training people – mostly other women.Helping them lose weight, learn to lift weights and triathlon training. It was an easy transition to functional movements – especially since I had such good results with it.”

5.What is your favorite CF WOD or movement?

“I really like Michael (although my version is modified on the GHSU) I also love deadlifts and Helen.”

6.Best Skill?

“The Jerk”

7.Worst Skill?

“Toes to Bar”
8. Biggest Accomplishement so far?

“Getting Pullups, and RX Fran”

9.How has CrossFit affected other areas of your life?

“It definitely affects the way I eat. Without crossfit, I never would have found paleo and I like how I feel when I eat clean. Never realized that I had stomach issues until I ate paleo and I felt good. My kids crossfit and love it. It is part of my life. It is what I talk about, do, every single day of my life.”

10.Current Goals?

“Working a lot of mobility to heal my back. Want to get back to back squats, front squats and deadlifts at heavy weights.”

– Robin

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