Seamus’ Story

My best friend told me about Crossfit, and besides marrying my wife, this was the best decision I have ever made.   The first month was rough going full force out the gate, attending unlimited. It was then I met with Coach Dave Tillman and I realized that my nutrition needed an overhaul.

I began eating a Paleo diet during the week and no diet on the weekends. Quickly I started feeling amazing! I developed energy and strength like gangbusters.

After completing two months of CFCP I went from 20% bodyfat to 17%, a total of 7lbs of fat loss!  Now 8 months later, I am at 11.2% bodyfat!  I had personal records on lifts every week, felt great, and my self-esteem was higher than at any time in my life.









I lost a huge amount of fat and became “Super Strong!” Through Crossfit Cedar Park I have gained a new lease on life. I was 29 and on a fast track to major health problems.

When starting CrossFit my total cholesterol was 240, and my triglycerides were at 180. 4 months in and my total cholesterol was down to 184, triglycerides down to 70!

Crossfit Cedar Park took a soft teddy bear and turned him into a lean, mean, “WODing” machine. I will only continue to get stronger and faster. CFCP’s programming doesn’t allow you to plateau. The WODs are designed to keep our bodies in constant surprise. CFCP has changed me forever, and words can never be enough to express my gratitude. Crossfit works and it works fast!


If you are serious about your health and ready to make a change, Crossfit Cedar Park will be there to make it happen.




* 20% Bodyfat to 11.2%
* Cholesterol from 240 to 184
* Triglycerides from 180 to 70
* Squat from 205 to 255
* Deadlift from 275 to 340
* Clean from 155 to 205
* Jerk from 195 to 235
* Baseline Wod 7:12 to 4:44 RX





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  1. Seamus, you look amazing these days. Those before and after shots are real, not just you holding in your stomach or pushing it out. Your body has totally changed! Keep up the good work.

    1. Way to get fit, Seamus! You are an inspiration and a joy to your family and friends. You look great and I admire all your hard work and desire to be healthy for your sweet wife. You’ve taught this parent well… Love, Mom

  2. It was a lot of hard work, but I could not have made the progress I did without all the cfcp coaches and members guidance and encouragement. Y’all made exercise fun and challenging. The Crossfit Cedar Park family is and will forever be imprinted on my heart. Boom Baby!!

    1. My wife asked me the other day why I get up at 4:30 a.m. to crossfit. I told her it’s beuacse: I have met so many cool people, I like running/swimming with my kids and not getting out of breath, I like buying smaller pants, I’ve gotten good at adding holes to my belt, I like the new foods that we eat, I like feeling stronger and better, I need it like a drug, I feel as though I will let my friends down if I don’t get out of bed, I like the way the chalk cakes on my calloused hands, I like doing squat cleans with my three year old, I like feeling like an athlete, I like to bring change beuacse I have been changed, and after countless burpees and wallballs and pull ups and 35 pounds lost I like being me.

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