Sam’s Story

Before CrossFit I was a 5-6 day a week runner, bored with my workouts and looking for training that was more challenging & satisfying. When first attending my introductory session at CrossFit Cedar Park, I was nervous. Coach Nikki Isbell explained CrossFit and put me through a baseline workout which was certainly a wake-up call. At that time I was taking medicine for my high blood pressure and bad cholesterol.



Since joining CrossFit Cedar Park, my medicines have been reduced by half. I’ve learned a new way of eating to maintain my energy and physical performance. In running I’ve reduced my minute mile pace to a 7 minute mile, body fat has dropped from 26% to under 16%, and I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist. I feel great and have almost unlimited energy.











The most memorable accomplishment is “Murph,” a 1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, & 1 mile run workout. If you asked me to do this workout when I first started, I would not have made it through. Now I’m more active around the house and the office, I push harder on projects in my professional career, and have much more focus and energy. I’ve also made new friends with similar values and interests. People involved at CrossFit Cedar Park look at life from a different perspective, they tackle challenges willingly. I see every thing I work on now as I see Murph – one more thing that I CAN do.








* Deadlifts 385lbs
* Tackles all challenges willingly
* Faster runner
* Lost 10% bodyfat
* Healthier


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