Linda’s Story

I began my fitness journey as patient at Tillman Physical Therapy, post knee surgery. I had a high-stress job and would eat sweets to cope. Physically, I was limited. I couldn’t walk long distances and was uncomfortable in theaters and on airplane seating. Wearing a size 20, I bought clothes to cover myself. I was pre-diabetic, had severe heartburn and I fell often.
Physical Therapist and Owner, Michael Tillman, told me that if I did not get in better shape I wouldn’t be able to play and do activities with my younger grandchildren. He also told me I needed to get the weight off if I wanted to see them grow up.





After therapy, Owner David Tillman walked me through my first CrossFit workout. Now I am able to go on vacation and hike 1.5 miles through Alaska, take a 5 -mile walk in Boston, and I can chase down my fast three year old.

I’ve lost 60lbs, wear a size 10, am no longer pre-diabetic, don’t have heartburn and my cholesterol is that of a teenager!












I now do modified pull-ups, deadlift 125lbs, jump rope, and can nearly beat my daughter in a rowing contest! Tillman Physical Therapy and CrossFit Cedar Park have changed my life.


** As of today, March 4, 2014 – Linda can deadlift 185lbs and she did her first double unders in the Open workout 141. She is also a great-grandmother.

















* Lost 60lbs & 10 pants sizes
* Deadlifts 125 lbs
* No longer pre-diabetic

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