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Before I found CrossFit, I was working out, but not as often or as intense and I was getting pretty bored with it. My coworker, Jason Smith, got me to check out CrossFit Cedar Park with a free workout. I was hooked. I loved that the workouts are always different and that someone else created them for me. I am super competitive, so going against the other members at the noon class really got me going. But the biggest factor, was the authentic community.



Before CrossFit, my lower back always bothered me. Now I have developed the strength to dead lift and squat – exercises I had not done in years out of fear of injuring myself. In only 4 short months, I have lost 22lbs and about 9% body fat and have redefined my physique. I am much happier with the way my body looks and I have gained more confidence in my physical abilities. I am stronger and have the ability to do exercises I did not think were possible. I got muscle-ups on the first try. I am still working on my flexibility, but it has improved. I have more stamina and endurance in my workouts and overall am more coordinated.


Because I know I have the ability to focus during CrossFit, I’ve applied it at work and home by approaching problems or tasks with an attack frame of mind. Get started, work fast, hard and efficiently until it is done. I have taken on more responsibility at home because I have more energy and am a happier person. This has certainly improved my relationship with my wonderful wife who has been very supportive.

When I began CrossFit, I changed the way I ate and my wife, for the most part, has joined me in eating paleo. She has dropped a pant size and 12 lbs from her pre-pregnancy weight. We are definitely happier and closer since I started CrossFit.

I think this program is awesome! I have never had such success from other program. As far as I’ve come, its just the beginning. I want to get into the team competitions, maybe get my level 1 or another certification to help me push my body and my mind. I wonder where I will be after a full year of CrossFit…

(update – HB participated in the Reebok CrossFit South Central Regional’s Team Competition with CrossFit  Cedar Park, The All Cities Open Competition in Dallas and has received his CrossFit Level 1 Certification)





  • Lost 9 % bodyfat in 4 months
  • Lost 22lbs
  • Redefined his physique
  • Got Muscle-up a the first try
  • Competed with the CFCP Team at Regionals
  • Competed in the  All Cities Open Competition


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