Doug’s Story

I first tried Crossfit in 2007 in North Carolina on the advice of my Jiu-Jitsu teacher. I gave up because honestly, it was very difficult, and only early morning classes were available. Here in Texas in 2010, I decided to give Crossfit another shot because I was out of shape and had seen how effective it could be. I moved into Cedar Park only two blocks from CrossFit Cedar Park, so it was an easy choice to join and walk to the gym. Now of course I no longer walk, but run to the gym!  




Within a month I was noticing significant improvement in strength, lung capacity, and recovery time. Six months later I had to buy smaller pants, belts, and shirts. I’ve dropped from 207 lbs to 181 lbs in just over one year!

For 10 years I dealt with lower back and sciatica pain due to a high school weight lifting injury. Crossfit’s programming and expertise in injury prevention with Tillman Physical Therapy have given me the core strength where I no longer have pain flare ups or difficulty standing for long periods of time on hard floors.









Some people are under the impression that they can only work on one area of fitness at a time; either gaining muscle or improving cardio. I’ve found Crossfit provides significant weight loss while simultaneously gaining muscle & improving lung capacity.

I’m now (at 29 years old) over 40 lbs stronger in every lift than when I focused on weights back in college, and faster on the track than in high school. If you do what the CFCP Coaches tell you (full range motion, 4 classes per week, eat healthy,) it is possible to be in the best shape of your life within 6 months.











* Lost 26lbs

* No back pain

* PR’d all lifts by more than 40lbs

* Faster than when he was in High School

* Stronger than when he was in College

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