Learning the Muscle-UP

Check this Out! Capital to Coast Relay is having a CrossFit Division. We already have a couple of people interested in being part of the team. If you are interested, please email Robin@crossfitcp.com – she will get all of you in touch with each other. Here is the website http://www.capitaltocoastrelay.com/

This is edited to add part of an email from our own Kathy (DeBack) Brown. She and Mike are currently deployed and she has joined our I Do The Impossible Challenge to motivate her to keep up her workouts.

“I did the WOD from yesterday this am (lunges and box jump burpees), my time was 13:07. I have to go into the back of our ‘office’. I take my boss with me, she gets smoked and is loving it. She keeps coming back for more.. she wants me to give her little workouts between meetings, LOL!! She will regret that soon. I’m having to improvise a lot due to lack of equipment in the office. I use cases of juice or water for dumbbells and I have a big tote box for boxjumps. BTW box jumps suck in boots! I hang my rings from a small hole in the beam with a carabineer. Its working okay, but since both straps are in the same latch I can really only do ring pushups. But I’m definitely not complaining, life could be much worse.” – Kathy

Kathy at the Regionals

15 Minutes Learning Muscle Up Progression

2 Muscle ups
5 Deadlifts (#315, #225)

5 Rounds

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