That pretty much sums up this weekend. Competition is an amazing thing. This weekend at the CrossFit South Central Regional competition in Ft Worth, Texas proved to be a phenomenal
weekend. We saw pain, heartache, elation, determination, love, a wedding, family, friendships, birthdays, heat stroke, victories and even a pepsi machine in front of our hotel room door. You cannot put into words how cool this weekend was.
I am so proud of our CrossFit Cedar Park Family! We grew closer and stronger. Competition sharpens the athlete. Our affiliate team worked well together and are hungry for more competition. Great job on all 3 team WODs Mike F, Chad, Jason, Kelli M, Jody C, and Kathy. Thank you for all the practice, dedication and heart you all put into CrossFit.

Competing in the Individual category Carson Thomas and Deric Maruquin put it all out there in 4 events. Each proved to be a true competitor as they excelled through max weight, cardio and strength capacity and gymnastics abilities. It was a true measure of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensities. Deric claimed his spot in the 2010 CrossFit games
with a quick 4 minute 54 second performance during the final Event (10 muscle ups, 15 handstand push ups, 20 Squat Power Cleans, and a Sprint) placing him 4th over all. Carson, you rocked and represented CFCP well! Deric, Congrats, LA better watch out!

We’re going back to Cali!
Check out the Games site coverage for more details. Saturday and Sunday
Pull Ups
65 lbs for women
95 lbs for men

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  1. The coaches at CFCP deserve recognition as much as the competitors. You are a great resource and inspiration to all and this weekend could not have been as awesome as it was without the CFCP/Tillman leadership.

  2. Wish I could have been there to cheer everyone on… but someone had to watch Isabella!

    Wonder if we'll do Fran tomorrow?!?!? I kind of hope we do!

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