How Hard Do You Push?

Wladi loves wallball
Paul recovers from
the barbell complexes
Bo knows how to push
In CrossFit we value determination. A “no quit” attitude at any level of skill or expertise.
How hard do you push yourself in each wod? Do you get out of that comfort zone? Maximize your benefits by getting “comfortable with feeling uncomfortable”
red stripe run (200m)
25 kb swings rt arm
25 kb swings lt arm
red stripe run
25 kb clean & press rt arm
25 kb clean & press lt arm
red stripe run
25 kb high pull rt arm
25 kb high pull lt arm
red stripe run
25 kb swings
25 goblet squats
for time
Tonight 5 and 6 pm. Heavy Metal. Oly lifts. Get fired up.
Check out some Chinese Weightlifters doing the Clean & Jerk

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