Erin & 5K Finals

Great Job on the 5k challenge gang. CrossFit works on so many levels.
We had many pr’s and a ton of fun. The winners will be announced this afternoon. Once again, great Job.
watch this video [mac] or [windows]

15 Db Split Cleans
21 Pull ups
5 rounds for time


5K Finals

The results are in!

Best Overall Time: Jason Smith! Original time: 21:07, final time 20:53!

1st Place – Melissa Schulle – Original time: 33:25, final time: 27:26 – 17.9% Improvement

2nd Place – Jodie Goldberg – Original time: 41:18, final time: 34:43 – 15.9% Improvement

3rd Place – Alex Thrasher – Original time 32:34, final time: 28:14 – 13.7% Improvement

Congratulations guys come pick up your prize money!

The following people have won 4 weeks of unlimited CrossFit based upon the following:

Jason Smith – for winning best overall time!
Victoria Daniels – for never having run 3 miles every in her life until the preliminary run
Jennifer Watson – for great effort
Sam Mooney – because he’s kicking butt!

Starting this week, you are unlimited for the next 4 weeks. UTILIZE this prize because the Epic Challenge is coming!!!

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