The Blink of An Eye

Friday, April 16th was going to change Kelley’s
life. She was moving to Florida to meet Kevin. She had packed all her gear, said all her goodbyes, finished working, completed her final wod at CFCP with a PR, and was on her way. She had been CrossFitting with us for just over a year and had seen many amazing things happen. As she drove out of town, pulling the U-haul with all of her personal belongings in it, her adventure was about to begin. She drove along 290 passing Manor with
Kevin’s Mom following in Kelley’s vehicle. Kelley scanned the road ahead, in the blink of an eye everything changed. Kelley noticed a vehicle swerve out of control. The out of control vehicle sideswiped a semi, and swerved again heading directly toward Kelley. The out of control vehicle smashed into Kelley’s SUV and trailer flipping them. Kelley rolled 4 times as glass shattered and spiraled along with every loose article in the vehicle. The trailer broke from the SUV. As debris flied through the air Kelley kept repeating “make it stop, make it stop, make it stop.” When the SUV came to a stop, the glass was broken out of the sun roof and Kelley unbuckled herself and climbed out. She was rushed to Brackenridge with a fractured skull, fractured ribs and lots of glass embedded in her head and face. Looking at
the picture it is obvious, God was watching out for her.

She is home now, recovering and wishing she could do a CrossFit wod. In due time Kelley. Keep her and all of those involved in your prayers. We will keep you updated.


push jerks (135, 95), pull ups
10 1
9 2
8 3
7 4
6 5
5 6
4 7
3 8
2 9
1 10
for time compare to 12/28/09

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