5 Days to Sectionals

Greg is working on his ring dips!

The Central Southern Texas Sectionals are this coming weekend at Camp Mabry. We have some guys ready to compete and throw down. Michael Fiorillo, Carson Thomas, Chad Walding and Deric Maruquin (also Camp Mabry’s guy) have all been working really hard to get ready for this competition.

Check the website since the organizers are still looking for media and IT volunteers. Spectators are $50 per person to get in.

If you are an attending athlete, spectator, volunteer or judge. You must have an ID to get on base. Anyone over the age of 16 in your car MUST have an ID. Be prepared to wait in line to get in. First and foremost, Camp Mabry is a military base and rules must be followed.

NO OPEN GYM or MASTERS CLASS this weekend!!


500m run
15 OH Squats (#65w/#95m)
500m run
15 Toe to Bar

2 rounds.

Followed by 150 Jacknife crunches #20

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  1. Can't wait to hear all about it!!

    I've also heard that you need your proof of auto insurance if you are driving. I know some people weren't allowed on base @ Ft Hood for the Lumberjack memorial WOD because they had forgotten to bring that!!

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