It is amazing to look at our athletes and see how they have improved. This time last year, Carson had great endurance and cardio, but lacked technical skills and strength. What a year makes! It seems like each week Carson hits another PR and then his name climbs up our rankings board. Congratulations Carson! Your hard work is paying off and everyone is noticing!

First apologies for not getting the blog updated yesterday.

Today’s WOD

10 meters of death

1st minute – run 10 m
2nd minute – run 20m
3rd minute – run 30m

keep going until you cannot complete the meters during the minute.

100 Double Unders – sub 300 singles
90 back extensions
80 squats
70 situps
60 lunges (count each step)
50 pushups
40 box jumps (24″)
30 KB Swings (1pood w/ 1.5 men)
20 burpees
10 pullups (sub 30 jumping or 20 band)

For Time

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