Goodbye Lynda

Remembering A Friend

Lynda trained with David for over 4 years. She was a good friend and a great talker. Lynda had some really terrific stories to tell. There were times when she talked about working for the NFL, sharing ideas for exercises that she got from watching “Workout” or showing off her binder of clipped exercise articles. She certainly knew how to frustrate her trainer, yet she could make us laugh in the next moment.

Lynda loved our kids. I think if she could have adopted Montana “her little speckled baby” she would. Lynda, with her heart of gold, passed away last week and we will truly miss her.

So, in Lynda style – eat some BBQ, toast her at sunset. You will be missed.

Today’s Workout

30 Med ball cleans (20lb)
30 Pull ups
30 Decline push ups
30 DB Lunges each leg (60 steps with 20lb dbs)

For Time


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