100K Row & FB Check-in Challenge!

This one is going to be FUN! This is for ALL members. The goal is 100,000 meters on the concept 2 rower in the next 40 days.

Kick-off: May 22nd

Finish Date: July 1st

You’re like “WOAH, 100k meters is like a crazy long distance”…

…and I’m like “yeah bruh😏”.

But then it’s supposed to be a CHALLENGE….

But for real, it’s actually not that bad. If you come in 5 days a week you only have to row a little more than 3,000 meter each visit.

Then you’re like “OMG, 3k meters like farther than my house is from here”…

…and again I’m like “yeah bruh😏”.

Here’s the thing, it’s not for time. The average person can row 1k in around 4:30 at a very manageable pace and probably hold a conversation at the same time.

So that means 3000m is just an extra 13 minutes at the gym!

You could easily do this as your warm-up before class starts or cool-down after. Or if you are just starting out and only doing 3 days per week you can come in just to do this 2 additional days and go home.

So here is what we are going to do, I am going to build a scoreboard.

You’ll get a star for every 5,000m rowed and check into the gym on facebook. You must see a coach to get your star.

Those that are doing the Healthier You Nutrition CHALLENGE will get in some extra cardio towards your nutrition goals!.

Any CFCPer’s that hit the 100k by July 1st will get an awesome El Jefe shirt commemorating completing this amazing accomplishment as well as many social media shoutouts!

…Plus the first person to hit it will get a prize!

Really it’s for you though. It’s so when your lazy friend runs a 5k in like 2 hours you can be like “that’s cool, if you’re a lame” Haha

So why are we doing this?

It’s a challenge to show the great things you can accomplish with consistency and give you more reasons to come to the box!

Also, another gym owner told me about this and his average member who was focused on weight loss that completed it got noticeably fitter over the period of time and had an average weight loss of 9 POUNDS and 3% of body fat!

100,000m should burn somewhere in the neighborhood of 9,000 calories. That’s 3 pounds of pure fat!

I was like WOAH! We gotta do this!

So anyways… I’m going to post the scoreboard at the box over the weekend. Make sure and write your name down to commit to the challenge and

You can start on WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 getting in those meters!!