Just finished an EXCELLENT 1x per week 8 week program.

This course will start again on Monday June 16th at 4:45pm

We are thinking of adding a morning course as well.

2x per week – Monday/Wednesday at either 7am or 7:30am

Would love feedback –


This 8-week course finishes tonight.

The next SuperStrong course will be in the Fall. This has limited space, so we will let you know when you can register.


Looking for something to fill your empty soul now that SuperStrong is over?

CrossFit Cedar Park is a Vaughn Weightlifting box. This means we follow the Olympic Lifting programming of Chad Vaughn, who is a 2-time Olympian, 8-time National Champion, 2003 Pan American Games Gold Medalist, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk in that sport. Chad also programs for multiple athletes, The Training Program and is Owner of CrossFit Centex in Belton.

This class is open to non-CFCP members.
For CFCP members, you may email to ask for a combo rate to continue CrossFitting and taking Vaughn Weightlifting. There is a discount for your CrossFit Program.

Current class times

Monday/Wednesday – 6:30pm

Tuesday/Thursday – 10:30am

Price – $152 per month


dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

50 n 50 ghd.

In 4 minutes amrap
(If you can’t double sub 30 box jumps)
50 doubles
50 singles

Rest 3 minutes

In 5 minutes
10 oh squats 95/65
10 toe 2 bar

Rest 3 minutes

In 6 minutes
10 Burpees over bb
10 ground to overhead 115/75

MaD mobi
Keg stretch
Lat stretch band
Calf stretch
Roll calves.

Time to compete


The CrossFit Open will be here soon! This is an amazing event that allows everyone across the world to participate in a competition to see who is the fittest!

As we all know, we have some major “beasts” in our box who will competing to get to  Regionals. And we want to be able to encourage them as much as possible by showing up to cheer them on when they are doing their Open Wod.

This is a chance to be a part of something bigger than our box. But at the same time, this is part of who our box is as a community. We are a box of hard working, competitive people! We want to see improvement in ourselves, our PRs, our fitness and health! We don’t always compete against each other, but this time, we are.


2 Categories

*RX and Modified

Each week, you will compete in your category to have the best score. The winner in each category will get a prize EACH week!

The cost?

$20 REGISTRATION directly to CrossFit Games

Here is the link to get REGISTERED for the open

Link to get REGISTERED FOR THE In-House Competition

*RX Division will not include any previous Regional Competitors

Have questions?

Dynamic warm up

Group warm up

50 n 50 ghd

Break out the mats!   Practice
Handstand holds and walks

Amrap in 20 minutes
20 cleans 115/75
20 box jumps 24/20. Games style
20 burpees
20 double unders

Roll calves w bb
Thoracic extension on the wall
Single knee to chest.
Hamstring up n over
Press ups

Fitness is FUN!

If you were in our teen’s classes, you would dance too!

Come try out the classes for free


10:30am – Olympic Lifting

4:30pm – Kids Class

5:30pm – Teens Class


9:30am – OPEN GYM

10:30am Competitors  Class

(ready to compete and take it to the next level?)


10:30am – Skills and Sprints

6:00pm – ReFLEX

dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

Snatch lift off
Snatch pull

6 rounds. Rest as needed between  increase weight as needed

5 rounds
35 double unders
3 snatch

Record weight and time.

Mad mobi
Keg stretch
Calf stretch
Press ups


Adopt a Family


 Open Gym – Saturday, 9:30am with Coach Matt


Coach Dave, Austen and Carson will be at ACO in Dallas.

Adopt a Family

Going strong and we are completely overwhelmed by the response from our community.

But there are still a few spots to fill.

All presents need to be wrapped, tagged and dropped off at the box by next Wednesday. We will be delivering to the families on Thursday and Friday.

Click the link below to sign up and help these families.


dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

50 heavy Russian swings.

Banded shoulder warm up

Build to a heavy split jerk

4 rounds for time resting 2 min between rounds

20 burpees to a plate
12 jerks 155,105
(Rest 2 min)

Mad mobi
Shoulder bully
Trigger point pecs
Calf stretch
Roll calves


Almost time…

3-2-1 – ALMOST time to go!

Don’t miss out on the Diamond Games this weekend! We have a lot of competitors from our box and the local area competing for cash and prizes!

There are all kinds of vendors and action! Don’t miss out!

Spectator Tickets – $10 for ages 8 & up!


Dynamic movement prep.
Activate CNS

Facilitate blood flow
Prepare muscles and joints for intense work.

Bulgarian split squats

4 total rounds for reps  of (12 total minutes)
30 seconds on 30 seconds off of
Kb swings
Kb snatch
Kb single arm overhead  lunges (steps)

Hold kb overhead with one arm.
The next round switch arms.

Row 1 k tt.

Mad mobi
Knee on the wall
Shoulder bully
Press ups
Roll quads w bb