Stacey Brown

Coach Stacey Brown’s Story


Wanted to share with you a little bit of where I came from. Throughout college I really struggled with yo-yo dieting, anorexia, and in the last 3 years binging and purging. I was struggling to maintain a weight of 110 and it didn’t last long. I was spiraling downhill quickly before I fell in love with fitness. Crossfit has changed my life by taking the focus off of weight on my body, and putting it on how much weight I can put on the bar. I’ve learned to fuel my body, and am still taking it day by day. Going on 5 yrs recovered from Bulimia/anorexia. It’s not easy to talk about but it’s part of my story and it has shaped me into who I am today. The picture on the left is me starving at 115 and pic on the right is healthy and happy at 133. Find what works for you and make the change to save your life!