“I Can”

“Too often I hear myself utter the words “I can’t” during a WOD. In reality “I can”, but sometimes need the help of the coaches and my classmates to help me connect my brain and my muscles. I want to thank both groups for being there for me. They may not know me by name, but they know the difficulty of pounding out those last few reps. It’s that empathy and understanding that helps make this such a great environment. Thank you for pushing me (in a good way).”  -Benjamin Landman

The Accomplishment of ‘Us’

“Had to capture the moment for Kelli Middleton and Terri, it’s one thing to train at a gym and have personal accomplishment; it’s another thing when the gym is a family and the accomplishment of one is embraced and felt by many, way to go Kelli Middleton and Terry! I’m so proud:)”

-Blossom Lawrence

CrossFit + Paleo = PR!

“The 7 week Crossfit Cedar Park Holly Jolly IV challenge is complete. I definitely got stronger and fitter over its course. On Tuesday, I PR’d my 1 mile run, after running a 5k race 3 hours earlier. On Thursday, I did CrossFit Total, achieving 3 PR’s: back squat, strict press, and dead lift. Yesterday, I did 3 benchmark workouts in a row (“Elizabeth”, “Isabel”, and “Fran”). I PR’d all of these by definition, as it was my first attempt for all three. Just doing all three in a row was a feat in and of itself. This morning, we did a series of workouts for the final competition that included a max clean, which I also PR’d.

If you want to get stronger and fitter, CrossFit plus paleo eating works like nobody’s business! I intend to keep doing what the challenge proscribed year round. I can’t want to see where I am in 2014.

Thank you very much to the fine coaches and athlete members at CFCP. Thanks to my Holly Jolly team members: Kristin Jones-Witbeck, Terry Middleton, and Kelli Middleton. Special thanks to my awesome wife E George Bohnsack who cooked mad amounts of delicious paleo grub every single day.” –Matthew Bohnsack