“I Can”

“Too often I hear myself utter the words “I can’t” during a WOD. In reality “I can”, but sometimes need the help of the coaches and my classmates to help me connect my brain and my muscles. I want to thank both groups for being there for me. They may not know me by name, but they know the difficulty of pounding out those last few reps. It’s that empathy and understanding that helps make this such a great environment. Thank you for pushing me (in a good way).”  -Benjamin Landman

The Accomplishment of ‘Us’

“Had to capture the moment for Kelli Middleton and Terri, it’s one thing to train at a gym and have personal accomplishment; it’s another thing when the gym is a family and the accomplishment of one is embraced and felt by many, way to go Kelli Middleton and Terry! I’m so proud:)”

-Blossom Lawrence

CrossFit + Paleo = PR!

“The 7 week Crossfit Cedar Park Holly Jolly IV challenge is complete. I definitely got stronger and fitter over its course. On Tuesday, I PR’d my 1 mile run, after running a 5k race 3 hours earlier. On Thursday, I did CrossFit Total, achieving 3 PR’s: back squat, strict press, and dead lift. Yesterday, I did 3 benchmark workouts in a row (“Elizabeth”, “Isabel”, and “Fran”). I PR’d all of these by definition, as it was my first attempt for all three. Just doing all three in a row was a feat in and of itself. This morning, we did a series of workouts for the final competition that included a max clean, which I also PR’d.

If you want to get stronger and fitter, CrossFit plus paleo eating works like nobody’s business! I intend to keep doing what the challenge proscribed year round. I can’t want to see where I am in 2014.

Thank you very much to the fine coaches and athlete members at CFCP. Thanks to my Holly Jolly team members: Kristin Jones-Witbeck, Terry Middleton, and Kelli Middleton. Special thanks to my awesome wife E George Bohnsack who cooked mad amounts of delicious paleo grub every single day.” –Matthew Bohnsack

A Champion Who Came In Last

“Have you ever dreamed of being something one day and you became it? Today I became a champion…it was EPIC!

I came in last place and was crowned a champion. During our final Holly Jolly IV challenge at CrossFit Cedar Park, the first workout was 33 burpees. For those who don’t know what a burpee is, think hell and then multiple it 33 times.

I can do them and even trudge through 10, but 33 is going to require something I’ve never done. To make matters worse there was a person counting which means there’s no way to cheat.

Now 33 burpees for a young and in-shape person is brutal. For an old, out of shape and overweight person, it’s biblical. I was speaking to my Creator asking if He was going to let me into the pearly gates this morning.

At about the 20th burpee my body started to stop. I could feel a wall, a brick wall, stopping me. I could see a wizard approaching me. I had to stop. Then my daughter comes next to me and yells at me and starts to do burpees with me. “Come on dad you can do it…I’m proud of you.” Mind you, she just got done doing her 33 burpees and is now doing another set right next to me to encourage me. Then I hear a shout from across the room, “TERRY Go, Come On Terry Go.” Thanks Wlaldi and Dave I recognized your voices even though I couldn’t see because I was having tunnel vision at this point.

My daughter is shouting, “Go dad, Go dad, just one more…one more dad.” Then the entire room of over 60 people erupts into a chant…”Go Terry, Come on Terry, Terry down…up Terry, 10 more Terry.” I look around and everyone has stopped working out and I see everyone has gathered around me cheering me on to victory. I get to only 5 left and I’m starting to feel like an Olympic athlete that is about to win the gold. Now the momentum of the crowd cheering me on is causing my body to go up and down, up and down.

I’m in last place. I know it and everyone knows it but that doesn’t matter because today they will crown me a champion. The will celebrate with me and be a part of watching someone go to a place he’s never been before.

This place is where you exceed what you think you are capable of doing. It’s a place where you have to decide that you will give more of yourself then you have to give. It’s a place where the only way to get there is by telling my body to obey and submit to what your mind is telling it even though your body can’t.

What a great place. Thank you EVERYONE at CrossFit Cedar Park today for cheering me on to be a champion. I lost in time but I conquered because YOU stood next to me and cheered me on. My daughter Kelli Middleton who I raised, now raises me up and you all carry me to the finish line in victory.

I can not say Thank You enough to each and everyone of you. What an experience I shall never forget.

Thank you to my teammates, Matthew Bohnsack, Kris and Kelli and all the coaches, Dave, Wlaldi, Nikki, Carson, Robin, Victoria and everyone I’ve worked out with during these past 8 weeks.

What a super awesome way to start a New Year!”

Terry Middleton

“PS. Oh, just 8 weeks ago when I started Crossfit Cedar Park, I could not do even 1 burpee.”

“I Feel Good Everyday”

“My schedule consists of  7 day work weeks with either 2 or 3 consecutive days off, which I usually end up working for at least one of those days. I used to dread when a new week would start because I knew by the 5th day I’d be dragging ass and still have 2 more to go. Since I got serious about Crossfit through the Holly Jolly challenge, I feel good every day, and I have so much more energy to put into not only my job but my life and my family. It’s really incredible when your own story starts to sound like so many you’ve heard before about lives being changed!” 

– Michael Cody