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Under Water HydroStatic Weighing

Monday, February 27th

4:00 – 7:00pm


Hydrostatic Testing (Underwater Weighing) has become universally regarded by industry experts as the “Gold Standard” in body fat testing.

Body Analytics hydrostatic method uses a two component model which separates the body into 2 areas:

  1. Bone, muscle and organs, along with connective tissue, collectively known as lean mass, sinks (is more dense than water)
  2. Body fat floats (is less dense than water)

By obtaining your dry weight and water weight, based on buoyancy, our specialized computer program can scientifically calculate your body fat as a percentage of your total weight. The ordinary scale cannot tell you if weight loss is muscle or fat while testing with Body Analytics will tell you exactly what took place with your body during your weight loss regimen.



Physical Therapy Screenings

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Michael Tillman will be giving CrossFit Cedar Park members a head-to-toe screening.

Screening will be for common injuries and/or mobility issues from exercise. Feed-back on form corrections.

For Members Only

Saturday, February 25th

8:30am – 12:00pm



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