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Saturday, August 29th


dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

Core Strength
pike and V ups: 3x 10 each movement
-sitting on floor in pike position, put hands down on side of legs and lift legs
off ground. Keep legs as tight as possible throughout exercise. Don’t let legs hit the ground until you complete 10. Repeat exercise in straddle position, with hands being put down between legs.

30 Turkish get ups for quality

Strict press
3-3-3-3-3. By feel. Not a max

50 toe 2 bar for quality.

Karen or burpees

150 wall ball for time.
Every break , or each time you put the ball down or rest on the wall
Perform 7 burpees.

Mad mobi
Knee on the wall
Hamstring up n over
Shoulder bully.


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