What is ReFlex?

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What is ReFlex?

This class is designed to increase mobility, balance, and strength needed to complete functional movements.  It utilizes static, dynamic and PNF stretching. This increases overall flexibility and the strength essential for maintaining proper technique under more weight. Class will also include ankle stabilization, core strengthening, and balance training. This class is appropriate for all levels, from those struggling with standard flexibility to gymnasts looking to improve on complex body-weight movements.

You are encouraged to bring your own mat and water to class as well as an open mind!

This program is included with all UNLIMITED Programs.

and a $15 drop-in for anyone else.



First Class is  Free!

Dynamic warm up 
Group warm up
50 heavy Russian swings
Banded shoulder warm up.
30 Turkish get ups
Front squats 
3-3-3-3. At tempo 42X1
That’s 4 seconds down
2 second pause in the bottom
X up afap
1 second hold at the top.
Score weight
After each set of squats perform 7 air squat jumps squats afap.
4 rounds for time
35 double unders
20 kb swings. (1.5/1)
10 hang power cleans 95/65
Mad mobi. 
Press ups
Hamstring up n over
Roll it band
Roll calves on bb

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