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Night of Records July

Weekend Info

See you tonight for Night of Records!


9:30am – FREE 4th of July workout

“HotShots 19”

The Yarnell Hill Fire was a wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona, ignited by lightning on June 28, 2013. On June 30, it overran and killed 19 City of Prescott firefighters, members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. The wildfire was fully contained by July 10, 2013.


Jesse Steed, 36

Wade Parker, 22

Joe Thurston, 32

William Warneke, 25

John Percin, 24

Clayton Whitted, 28

Scott Norris, 28

Dustin Deford, 24

Sean Misner, 26

Garret Zuppiger, 27

Travis Carter, 31

Grant McKee, 21

Travis Turbyfill, 27

Andrew Ashcraft, 29

Kevin Woyjeck, 21

Anthony Rose, 23

Eric Marsh, 43

Christopher MacKenzie, 30

Robert Caldwell, 23



9am – ReFlex 

Mobility, Flexibility and a bit of Yoga designed specifically for CrossFitters!


10:30am – Skillz & Sprintz

Included with your membership.

Dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up 
35 strict hanging knee raises
rope climbs for quality
Emom for 10 minutes 
2 clean and jerks
Toe 2 bar
Power snatch 115/75
Hamstring up n over
Press ups
Lat stretch
Keg stretch

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