BeachBody Building



(The best part of BeachBody) “Small class, individual attention. Matt is a patient, thorough coach. Isolated small muscles and muscles we don’t use as often in Crossfit” – Michelle

(My goals) “Specifically the shoulder and upper back isolation work has improved my clean and front squat movements. The bicep work has improved my chin up progress.” – Michael

* You do not have to be part of CrossFit Cedar Park to sign up for this specialty program

** If you are interested in this program, you may put your regular CrossFit on hold during this 8-week period.


** We can offer you a discount on your CrossFit program if you would like to continue both.

Contact to build you a special program.





9:30am – Open Gym

“Hotshots 19”


9:00am – ReFlex

ReFlex is specifically designed for the CrossFit athlete to increase flexibility and mobility.

This is INCLUDED with all UNLIMITED Memberships.

For all others, only a $15 drop in.

You will thank yourself if you go!


Skillz &  Sprintz

Dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up 
Pistols and pistol variations
Bench press  use spotters
12 minute amrap 
35 double unders
10 shoulder to overhead 95/65
Mad mobi 
Trigger point pecs
Roll calves
Loaded bicep stretch
Hamstring up n over

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