I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

by Coach Nikki Hall

Let me start by saying that we are all athletes. If you come into a CrossFit class and push your body to its limit, you are without a doubt an athlete. As athletes we set goals, work hard, crush those goals, and then set new ones. Goals become destinations and our daily training becomes the journey.  Sometimes the goal is huge. Many athletes set the goal of competing and winning higher-level competitions.  Sometimes the goal is simply to get an unassisted pull up.  The size of the goal doesn’t really matter when you fall short of hitting it, the disappointment feels the same. What do you do to overcome the failure?

There are many different answers to how we may overcome failure and often it varies from athlete to athlete. Do you use the failure to fuel future attempts? Do you let the hope for success drive you? Or do you simply accept failure, take from the experience and apply what you learned? As individuals we all have different ways of pushing past the wall and finding a way to overcome failure. Picking ourselves up again is a skill that once learned can be applied to all aspects of life. As many of you know Crossfit Cedar Park recently took 6 amazing athletes to the CrossFit Games South Regional. Each athlete  with their own hopes and dreams of achieving a trip to compete at the CrossFit Games in Carson California. Despite our best collective effort we fell short finishing in 14th place and our goal of reaching the CrossFit Games was put on hold for yet another year.

As athletes we will always be faced with failures and let downs.  We will all have to ask ourselves, “how do I pick back up? How do I restart a journey that was so hard the first time?” Asking ourselves these questions and having the ability to find the answers is crucial to our future success not only in CrossFit but in our careers and day to day lives. If there is an obstacle you face now or goal you have yet to reach I challenge you this week to ask yourself, “What do I need to do overcome this?” Then, find your drive and push past whatever walls you are facing. We are athletes, we share a burning desire to be successful, and the time to do that is right now.  Challenge yourself, get in touch with CrossFit Cedar Park today! We have programs from beginner Couch 2 CrossFit to a Competitor Athlete Program and Remote Coaching. The time is now. info@crossfitcp.com



9:30am – Open Gym with Coach Matt



9:00am – ReFlex Yoga with Coach Stacey

12:00pm – The Hero Course

What is the Hero Course?

Each year, starting with “Murph” on Memorial Day, we chose Six Hero Wods to challenge ourselves and remember the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Each  Sunday at 12pm, we will take on a Hero Wod to honor a specific sacrifice. This program is completely FREE to anyone who would like to attend and workout with us.

Our goal this year is help our community and the flood victims with disaster relief funds. It will on your honor to choose an organization and make a donation. Below is a link with a list of organizations you can choose from.


Dynamic warm up 
Group warm up
For warm up 
20 ghsu
20 ghbe
10 long jumps
Back squats 
3-3-3-3-3-3 @85%
Amrap in 5 min
30 wall ball
30 burpees to a plate
In 5 min.
Run 400
50 double unders
Pull ups for remainder of time.
Score pull ups
Mad mobi
Lat band stretch
Calf stretch
Press ups
Thoracic ext

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