15.3 in the books

15.3 is in the books!

CrossFit Cedar Park sits in 5th place in the Region

Nikki Hall Isbell is sitting in 7th place

Braden Torrez is 11th

Jadon Kempers is 35th

Wade Aubin is 3rd in the Master’s Division

Dynamic warm up
Group warm up
Rope climbs 
3 -5 ascents.
3 position cleans
High hang
Mid thigh
Below the knee
3-3-3-3.  By feel
Emom for 5 minutes
3 reps
For time.
Row 1k
25  pistols (alternating)
15 hang cleans 225/135
Scale as needed
Knee on the wall
Thoracic extension
Press ups

Way to go athletes!!!

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