The Unspoken Rules

 The Unspoken Gym Rules

by Coach Nikki Hall Isbell


1.     Don’t abuse the chalk. Most of it belongs in the bucket, a little bit of it on your hands, but never does a block of it belong on the floor. Someone always steps on it creating a bigger pile of powder than even Scarface knows what to do with.

2.     Mid WOD water breaks. Hydration started 2 days ago. Hopefully you had your gallon a day every day this week. If you find yourself taking a sip in the middle of your 12 minute AMRAP I suggest you ask yourself, “am I really thirsty, or just sandbagging my fitness?” Push the clock during your workouts, not the water.

3.     Hand Signals. The music is cranked, bars are crashing to the floor and you finish your workout by throwing up the deuces. Instinctively, a coach will want to come over and make sure you are not injured. The best indication that you have completed your workout is to yell “Time!” loud and proud. Coaches have a trained ear for certain words, when the word “Time!” is yelled there is an automatic reaction to look up at the clock, then determine who the order came from. Remember “Time!” is the only word that works. You will not get the expected response after yelling “Me!” “Done!” “Joe!” and lastly, “I hate you coach!”

4.     High intensity conversations (mid wod gossip).  CrossFit is defined as constantly varied, functional movements at high intensities. How intense can one be when they are catching up on the latest episode of The Walking Dead 16 reps into Fran? How cute does your coach thinks your new puppy is 17 minutes into your AMRAP?  Chat it up before or after class, but when it comes time to move heavy stuff functionally please make sure the intensity is cranked!

5.    Bar Dropping, or as As Bigg Dave always says, “Earn your Drops.”  The barbells were designed to be dropped over and over again, but only with the assistance and support of the rubber bumper plates.  If you have a bare barbell, please take care of it by safely guiding it to the floor. Once you can lift enough weight to have the bumper plates on your bar, then you can drop it from your shoulders. 

6.     Cherry Picking. Don’t avoid a workout, its probably what you need. If your decision to attend a class is based off the workout posted to the blog, you’re not getting the point of CrossFit. Its constantly varied and training not to suck at life. Our programming prepares you for whatever it is life throws at you. You never know when you are going to be chased by a lion, your only weapon a jump rope. Double under for your life, Bro!  Work your weakness, give it attention.

7.     Eat right, whatever that means to you. Educate yourself and take care of yourself. It will improve your experience at the box tremendously.

8.     Toe Stepping.  Several of our clients hold certifications in fitness, and some spend more time watching the CrossFit Exercises & Demos than they do at their day job. We love and appreciate your feedback and pointers, and openly admit that we do not know it all. However. when we are leading a class we are critiquing the other clients, this is our passion, hobby and career.  If you are interested we do have an amazing internship where you will get to work hand in hand with our physical therapist and coaches.


Dynamic warm up 
Group warm up
Hang (above the knee)
3 position cleans
“Emom and Amrap”
Emom  for 5 minutes
4  squat cleans.
On minute 5
Amrap power cleans for that minute
Score reps and weight.
Rest 2 minutes
Amrap in 5 minutes
10 burpee box overs 24/20
10 c2b
Rest  2 minutes
Amrap in 5 minutes
15 abmat sit ups
15 hand release push ups
Press ups
Shoulder bully
Roll calves
Hamstring up n over

One Reply to “The Unspoken Rules”

  1. 3 position clean
    5 min emom
    5th min
    135/14 reps
    5 min AMRAP
    61 reps
    5 min AMRAP
    4rds + 7 reps

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