CrossFit Open 15.2



9:30am – Open Gym with Coach Rafael

10:30am – 15.2 Open Wod (there will be a HEAT Sheet for sign up)


12pm – Skillz & Sprintz

1pm – ReFlex Yoga

Both with Coach Stacey

Dynamic Movement Prep

Ham drill
Leg swings
Banded shoulder warm up.


3 rounds of
Row 300
Shoulder mobi
Keg stretch/thoracic extension
12 ghsu
12 ghbe

Loosen up those overhead squats.
3-4 sets of
Bar only
5 snatch grip bn pp + 5 oh squats (3 second pause in the bottom.

Then warm up to your weight.

Warm up pull ups/c2b

Set up barbell and chalk and whatever you need close to the rig.

3-2-1 go

You don’t need to go unbroken in this wod.
You should take advantage of your rest time

Move smooth and steady
Short rests.
For most 5’s are good
And some 3’s.

Unbroken on oh squats as long as possible.

MAD Mobi

Bicep Stretch

Press ups

Knee on the Wall

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