Strength and Flexibility

Audra at her Yoga Meet! She does CrossFit and Yoga – Strong and  Flexible!

CrossFit Cedar Park YOGA


1pm – ReFlex Yoga

Monday * Wednesday * Friday



February 14 – April 11

Here is what you get

* Your own personal CFCP Coach for 8 weeks

* Kickoff and Ending with a Benchmark Workout

* Goal Setting Meeting

* Customized Nutrition Plan

* Weekly workouts emailed to you to accomplish outside of class

* Requires 2x per week CFCP class workouts

* CFCP online Wod Journal and Food Log

* Before and After Photos

* Before and  After Measurements

* Weekly grading of food logs

* Nutrition Seminar with your Coach

* Skills Training with your Coach

* Teammates to help keep you accountable

* I Do The Impossible Challenge T-Shirt


Meeting or exceeding your goals is the ULTIMATE PRIZE.

However, in addition, the Winning Individual will receive an Unlimited 6-Month  Membership



Dynamic warm up. 
Group warm up
50 n 50 ghd
Muscle up skills
Clean and jerks
Touch n go drill
Flat back
Bar close to the body.
rest as needed between
Amrap in 8 minutes
200 meters
30 t2b
MAD Mobi
Lat stretch band
Roll calves w bb
Shoulder bully
Press ups

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