Never too young

Never too young to start!


Yoga started today! The space next door is still under construction, so excuse our mess while we finish up!

Dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up. 
Kipping pull ups
Squat program. 
Week 4
Last week at this tempo
1 set to failure at tempo
42×1  failure should be between 8-12 reps if you get to 12 stop.  Next week add weight.
If it’s your first time Start between 50-60% of max back squat
Increase weight/reps from last week.
Amrap in 10 minutes
30 c2b
30 hang cleans  95/65
30 kb swings 1.5/1.0
Mad mobi
Lat stretch band
Corner/pec stretch
Hamstring up n over
Press ups.


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