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Michael Tillman DPT, Cert MDT, CSCS, CF-L1, CF Nutrition, CF Mobility and CF Olympic Lifting

Michael is a doctor of physical therapy who has treated professional athletes for nearly 15 years. He has vast amounts of experience in keeping elite level athletes in top condition for their sport. Mike has treated numerous competitive crossfit athletes since 2007. He has countless hours in observing and assisting athletes in the maintenance and prevention of common overuse issues. His expertise and information is of the highest importance in competitive high level sports.

Remember when you stretch it should have a purpose and not just be random.



9:30am – Open Gym with Shelby

We invite anyone to come try out this class. Friends, Family, Neighbors.


9:00am – Yoga ReFlex

This class is included with all Unlimited Memberships and is only a $12 drop in for anyone else wanting to try it out.

10:00am – Skillz & Sprintz

This class is for all members


SOAR FITNESS has added new classes.soar2

First class is FREE to try out and you don’t have to be a member of CrossFit Cedar Park!


9:30am – Yoga


5:45pm – Yoga

Yoga comes from Sanskrit, a derivation of the word yuj meaning yoking or union, a uniting of the body,

mind, breath and spirit.

Yoga is a harmonizing system of discipline that connects the movement of the body, the fluctuations of

the mind to the rhythm of the breath.

Yoga cultivates strength and flexibility by using proper alignment of the body in postures as well as

conscious breathing and mental focus to develop awareness and relaxation.

Some of the many benefits of yoga:

• Increase flexibility

• Improve joint mobility

• Correct posture

• Recover from an injury

• Eases back pain

• Improves coordination and balance

• Relives stress

• Unclutters the mind

• Lowers blood pressure

• Alleviates anxiety and depression

• Improves lung capacity

• Sharpens concentration and centers attention

• Better sleep

• Boost immunity

Dynamic Warmup
Group Warmup
30 Turkish get ups for time
30 dips for quality
Muscle up practice 5-10 minutes
Strict with partner
Cleans (squat or power)
Rest as needed
Change weight as needed
Sets should be touch n go unbroken
Sprint  200  meters
3 sets  rest as needed between.
Mad mobi 
Roll calves
Stretch calves
Quad stretch
Press ups


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