Welcome to a new week!

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend to celebrate CrossFit Cedar Park’s 7th Birthday!

We had a fantastic Open Gym with a strong CFCP Showing and good to see great friends from other gyms with the biggest group from Redside CrossFit!


Gymnastics Class

Continues for additional 4 weeks!

Monday/Wednesday – 4:45pm

Tuesday/Thursday – 6:30am

This is a great class and works your strength, core and flexibility.

Get great abs in this class!

This class can be an add-on to your CrossFit Program!

Dynamic Warmup
Group Warmup
Ham drill
Leg swings
Banded shoulder warm up.
50 n 50 ghd
Squat program. 
Week 4
1 set to failure at tempo
42×1  failure should be between 8-12 reps if you get to 12 stop.  Next week add weight.
Start between 50-60% of max back squat
Increase weight/reps from last week.
Emom for 8 minutes
5-7 Pull ups
Emom for 8 minutes
10-15 burpees
Mad mobi 
Knee on the wall
Quad stretch
Shoulder bully
Lat stretch band
Press ups.


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