3 Position Snatch

Proper warmup helps prevent injuries and gives you flexibility to complete movement properly. This is why every workout starts with Dynamic Movement and then a Group Warm-up.



Kipping Pull-up Seminar


Open Gym


Back to School

24 Day Challenge

Group Support to get your butt back in gear when the kids are back in School.

Kick-Off Meeting

Wednesday, August 27th – 7pm

Challenge Starts

Tuesday, September 2nd

Dynamic movement prep 
Hamstring Stretch
Lunge Stretch
Quad Walk
Inch Worms
 Group warm up 
Plank pose
3-5 minutes
PVC/barbell warm up 
3 rounds for quality
5 bn snatch grip pp releasing hook grip each rep
5 Oh squats 5 second pause
3 position snatch
Hip snatch
Hang mid thigh
Below the knee
Each position = 1 rep.
3-3-3-3-3.  70-75%
Amrap in 15 minutes
Row 500 meters
35 double unders
5 burpees over rower
MAD Mobi 
Roll calves
Shoulder bully
Hamstring up n over

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