Big Announcement Coming Soon!

Thanks to Duane Waits of Legacy Fit for coming out and giving us a Double-Under Seminar. I heard there were lots of PRs!

If you missed it, don’t worry we will be sure and have him come back out.


Gymnastics Class

This is not your kids tumbling class. You will work on the following

Strict Pullups

Ring and Parallel Bar Support Holds

Strict Dips

Strict Muscle-up Progressions

Strict Handstand Push-up Variations

Core Strengthening

Gymnastics Movements like Skin the Cat, Forward Rolls, Handstand holds, back levers, kips swings, pull-overs and more!


MW – 4:45pm

T/Th – 6:30am

Come try out a class!


Big Announcement!!


9:00am – Open Gym

10:00am – Suns Out Guns Out Finales!

dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up 
3-5 minutes double under practice.
muscle ups
Emom for 20 minutes 
Odd minutes
3 muscle ups /5 c2b pull ups
Even minutes
12 kb swings.  1.5/1
Mad mobi 
Press ups
Lat stretch band
Shoulder bully



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