This one goes WAY BACK to 2007. Danksin Triathlon

Lisa Wylie, Jordan Davies , Keisha Tillman, Carly (Kunze) Wilson, Kris Wiley, Suzanne Cox, Robin Tillman, Kris Hunt, and Kelly Whiddon

True Story – I thought I had my best time ever on a previous triathlon (2005). I had Montana in June 2006 and just knew my time would never be better. In 2007, David discovered the CrossFit Methodology after researching the training methods used in the 300 movie. Found CrossFit. com about 10 or so pages down in google. He started watching the videos and incorporated CrossFit workouts into my typical triathlon training of run, bike, swim. Many of us in the picture would go run at Brushy Creek 1x per week (in fact, I remember backtracking once with Kris W. to try and find her keys). I did swim training 2x per week because this was my weakest skill.  The bike – oh how I hate the bike. I had it tuned up and rode it once.

I did CrossFit workouts 2-3 times per week.

I PR’d my triathlon by 12 minutes.

Moral of the Story: Don’t think when you are going to do something sports specific like a 10k, half marathon or full marathon, triathlon, etc. That you MUST do nothing but train specifically for that sport. You do need to work on swim, run or bike technique, but utilize CrossFit as the amazing tool this it is and hit the following 10 areas of fitness:

CardioVascular Endurance











Saturday – Open Gym 9:30am

Sunday – ReFlex at 9:00am

Skillz & Sprintz at 10:00am

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with Duane Waits

August 2nd – 10:00am

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Limited to 20 participants



Dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

In 5 minutes
Row 1k
Max rep pull ups


In 5 minutes
Run 800 meters
Max reps box jumps 24″ 20


In 5 minutes
Run 800 meters
Max reps hspu

In 5 minutes
Row 1 k
Max reps double unders


Corner stretch
Shoulder bully
Roll calves w bb
Lat stretch band

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