Method to the Madness

Get your mobi on!

At CrossFit Cedar Park, we have broken down the workout hour into several parts. We believe that it is important to warmup properly using dynamic stretches when you walk in the door. Don’t wait for your coach to start you on your group warm-up, start with lunge stretch, cradle stretch, frankenstein kicks, inch worms. Start the blood flowing and get moving.

After your dynamic stretches, the coach will lead you in a group warmup designed to complement the strength, skill or wod you will be doing that day.

From there we move into the Skill or Strength (or both) of the day. We work gymnastics skills like handstands, muscle-ups, toes to bar, or it could be going over the proper movement with a pvc pipe using the Burgener Warmup, or 3 position snatch, or triple extension. We might work on your running skills with some pose movements. No matter the skill movement, our goal is to continually see you improve your technique.

Strength – I think for some its the happiest part of the whole hour. Getting to work on squats (front, back, overhead), deadlifts, barbell rows, cleans, jerks, presses, snatch and even some bench press every now and then. The goal is to make you stronger and smoother with your movements.

Then there is the wod. Head Coach David Tillman DOES have a method to his madness. He doesn’t randomly pull wods from a hat or someone else’s website. They are designed to make you breathe and sweat hard.

Mobility. I think you all now know that we are half of Tillman Physical Therapy and Sports Training Center. So, of course, Mobility is of the upmost importance to us. Keeping you flexible, helps your recovery and will make your workouts and strength easier. Can’t overhead squat? You could place a bet that it is because you are tight and need to work on your flexibility. We actually  have  an entire program dedicated to this called SOAR Training and  Fitness. We have Yoga and ReFlex classes.

There is a method to all the madness of your hour of CrossFit.  In fact, your entire hour of CrossFit is calculated based upon certain times of the year (bet you didn’t know that). Programming is a technique that takes years to develop and hone. Its not something that just happens overnight and all of a sudden you are good at it. You should have seen some of the scary and sad programming that took place the first year we affiliated. That was almost 7 years ago.

In fact, we will be celebrating our 7th birthday in September, so watch for those details!

Dynamic movement prep

Group warm up


muscle ups/transitions


Max muscle ups
In 5 minutes  (scale as needed (c2b or pull ups, for whoever needs it)

Emom for 10 minutes
3 OH squats.
3 burpees over barbell.

Final minute
Max reps oh squats.

If time
5 minutes of fun the hard way
Score reps
Alternate minutes of
Med ball jacknife sit ups 20/14
Reverse sit ups

Mad mobi
Lat stretch band
Press ups
Thoracic extension.
Hamstring up n over

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