Suns Out Guns Out Summer Challenge

Open gym at 9:30am with Coach Rafael

10am – The Hero Course

4th of July
10am – Hero Wod

All other classes cancelled.
Feel free to come hang out with us in the evening to celebrate our Independence and watch the fireworks.

SUNS OUT GUNS OUT Summer Challenge
July 5 – July 26

The challenge is designed to see how much you can improve during that period of time.

July 5th – Preliminary Baseline

Prizes for fastest men & women preliminary time

*(can be made up with a drop in with a coach for $20)

August 2nd – Finals (no makeups)

Throw-in: $50

Prize: the more participants the bigger the prize.
1st – 3rd place

Winner is decided by percentage of improvement and wins!

Click HERE to Register
or contact your coach to sign up!

This is not a diet or Paleo challenge. However, cleaning up your food intake will give you an edge on the competition. If you want help with a food plan, food logging and accountability, this can be added on with a coach on a weekly basis for $20.

If you are not currently a member of CFCP, you may register for the Challenge and 4 week program. Contact for more information.

Group warm up

pike and V ups: 3x 10 each movement
-sitting on floor in pike position, put hands down on side of legs and lift legs
off ground. Keep legs as tight as possible throughout exercise. Don’t let legs hit the ground until you complete 10. Repeat exercise in straddle position, with hands being put down between legs.

Airforce Karen

For time.
Start with burpees

Each minute on the minute perform 4 burpees

150 wall ball 20/14

Mad mobi
Knee on the wall
Hamstring up n over
Shoulder bully.

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