Just finished an EXCELLENT 1x per week 8 week program.

This course will start again on Monday June 16th at 4:45pm

We are thinking of adding a morning course as well.

2x per week – Monday/Wednesday at either 7am or 7:30am

Would love feedback –


This 8-week course finishes tonight.

The next SuperStrong course will be in the Fall. This has limited space, so we will let you know when you can register.


Looking for something to fill your empty soul now that SuperStrong is over?

CrossFit Cedar Park is a Vaughn Weightlifting box. This means we follow the Olympic Lifting programming of Chad Vaughn, who is a 2-time Olympian, 8-time National Champion, 2003 Pan American Games Gold Medalist, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk in that sport. Chad also programs for multiple athletes, The Training Program and is Owner of CrossFit Centex in Belton.

This class is open to non-CFCP members.
For CFCP members, you may email to ask for a combo rate to continue CrossFitting and taking Vaughn Weightlifting. There is a discount for your CrossFit Program.

Current class times

Monday/Wednesday – 6:30pm

Tuesday/Thursday – 10:30am

Price – $152 per month


dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

50 n 50 ghd.

In 4 minutes amrap
(If you can’t double sub 30 box jumps)
50 doubles
50 singles

Rest 3 minutes

In 5 minutes
10 oh squats 95/65
10 toe 2 bar

Rest 3 minutes

In 6 minutes
10 Burpees over bb
10 ground to overhead 115/75

MaD mobi
Keg stretch
Lat stretch band
Calf stretch
Roll calves.

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