The Diamond Games

What are The Diamond Games?

Competition for RX, Scaled and Teams and they will be able to compete on this AWESOME baseball field at the Dell Diamond on November 23rd.

Registration will open up 6 weeks before the event – that is October 12th at 12pm.

Want to Volunteer?


Qualified to Judge? (CrossFit for 1 year or a Level 1)


Want to be a Vendor or a Sponsor? (all levels available)



Saturday – Open Gym 9:30am with Coach Austen


Schoepfs BBQ in Belton

There will be CrossFit Games Competitors, booths, vendors, silent auction.

The following are raising money for Mammograms in Action – please donate!

Nikki Isbell 

Nikki – is competing as our “Beast” of the Box. Grace at 135lbs

Colton Tillman

Colton is 10 years old and this will be his 2nd time. First time he used 15lbs, this time he will use 35lbs.

Ben Landman

Many of the people who have already donated to Ben, are doing this in memory of their friends who have lost lives.

Alice Hulsey

Alice is a long-time CrossFitter and this will be her 3rd time fundraising for this event. She will be honoring her friend Amy Caster who lost her battle.

Jon Mears

Coach Jon! – Teaches all kid classes with the most patience I’ve ever seen and our adult classes

Bud Holfort

Bud has been CrossFitting with us for 6 months and has jumped in full force!

Scott Isbell

Many of you don’t know Scott because he can’t always come in and attend classes. Scott is Coach Nikki’s husband and he is a DPS Officer.

Michael Cody

If you don’t know Cody, you should. He works out and busts his butt in class and has lost a lot of weight as well. Then you can find him over at Smokey Mo’s serving your coach’s their Mo Salads!


ReFlex – 6:00pm

dynamic movement prep
6 of each
lunge stretch
leg cradle
hand walks
pvc arm circles
Leg swings.

Group warm up
6 count burpees
10 each of
high knees
butt kicks
bottom squat hold 30sec-1 min (first round only)
push ups (2nd round hand release)

50 heavy Russians.

Strict press
12 afap

8 minute amrap
200 meter shuttle.
( 50 out and back 2x )
3 wall walks
7 pull ups
9 hand release push ups

Mad mobi
Corner stretch
Shoulder bully
Lat band
Standing quad stretch


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