CrossFit + Paleo = PR!

“The 7 week Crossfit Cedar Park Holly Jolly IV challenge is complete. I definitely got stronger and fitter over its course. On Tuesday, I PR’d my 1 mile run, after running a 5k race 3 hours earlier. On Thursday, I did CrossFit Total, achieving 3 PR’s: back squat, strict press, and dead lift. Yesterday, I did 3 benchmark workouts in a row (“Elizabeth”, “Isabel”, and “Fran”). I PR’d all of these by definition, as it was my first attempt for all three. Just doing all three in a row was a feat in and of itself. This morning, we did a series of workouts for the final competition that included a max clean, which I also PR’d.

If you want to get stronger and fitter, CrossFit plus paleo eating works like nobody’s business! I intend to keep doing what the challenge proscribed year round. I can’t want to see where I am in 2014.

Thank you very much to the fine coaches and athlete members at CFCP. Thanks to my Holly Jolly team members: Kristin Jones-Witbeck, Terry Middleton, and Kelli Middleton. Special thanks to my awesome wife E George Bohnsack who cooked mad amounts of delicious paleo grub every single day.” –Matthew Bohnsack

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