MAD Athletes

What is a MAD Athlete? A MAD Athlete is someone that follows the CrossFit Programming of David Tillman. The athletes in the picture were all at the All Cities Open 2012 Competition this past weekend!  Coach BiggDave programs for athletes from as far away at Hawaii to Texas and Louisiana.  Want more info? – site is under construction, but you can check out the photo gallery of all the different athletes.

Interested in taking your competition to the next level? Email and we will let you know what it takes to become a MAD Athlete too!


Holly Jolly – expect a HOT WOD this week worth BIG Points!

Holly Jolly IV – Mid-Challenge Workout is THIS SATURDAY AT 9:30am – worth BIG POINTS!


The following Classes are currently filled to the brim with our awesome clients.

Monday & Wednesday – 5:30pm at the Boxclass is open at the CLINIC

Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am at the Box 9:30am is open MWF at the BOX

Tuesday & Thursday – 5:30pm at the Clinicclass is open at 6:30pm at the CLINIC

Tuesday & Thursday – 5:30pm at the BOXclass is open at 4:30pm and 6:30pm at the BOX

dynamic movement prep
6 of each
lunge stretch
leg cradle
hand walks
pvc arm circles
Leg swings.

Group warm up
6 count burpees
10 each of
high knees
butt kicks
bottom squat hold 30sec-1 min (first round only)
push ups (2nd round hand release)

Muscle up practice and variations

Double ladder go until you can’t complete in the minute

1st minute 1 rep second minute 2 reps …  If you can’t complete one of the movements you can continue with the others
Odd minutes
Pull up ladder
Even minutes
Clean ladder 135,95

If time
5 minutes of fun
For reps

MaD Mobi
Lat stretch band
Press ups
Hamstring up n over

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