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At CrossFit Cedar Park our goal is to provide you with the best health and fitness programs, information and community.  I honestly don’t think anyone has as much fun at their gym/box as we do.  As the owner/head coach I push our coaches to be the best at what they do.  To learn new aspects of nutrition, strength, fitness and coaching so that you as an athlete of any level are better served.  Our coaches not only have amazing knowledge in technique and methodology but they also have an amazing amount of compassion.  I watch them stay late to prep athletes for competition, work on skills, mobility, nutrition and many other things.  These coaches are truly passionate about you and your health and fitness journey.  Crossfit Cedar Park is rapidly growing and I think this is because we have the best community (that’s you!) as well as the best coaches!

This week we have seen many PR’s and with nearly 30 of our athletes and coaches going to various competitions this week, I am exceedingly grateful for you all and very proud of the work and commitment that each member and coach gives to this amazing community.  

Thanks to you the CFCP community, and Thanks to you the CFCP coaches for going the extra mile.



dynamic movement prep
6 of each
lunge stretch
leg cradle
hand walks
pvc arm circles
Leg swings.

Group warm up
6 count burpees
10 each of
high knees
butt kicks
bottom squat hold 30sec-1 min (first round only)
push ups (2nd round hand release)

50 n 50 ghd.

Wod 1
Emom 12 minutes
10 toe 2 bar odd minutes
10 ring dips even minutes

Wod 2
For distance.
10 rounds
30 seconds max row
30 seconds rest

Mad mobi
Press ups
Hamstring up n over
Shoulder band.

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