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MaD Athlete Training Camp

What is MaD Training and Mobility?  MaD is the combination of progressive mobility patterns provided by Michael Tillman, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and The programing and coaching of David Tillman CSCS, CF-L1.   Tillman Training and CrossFit Cedar Park provide you with a team of coaches to help you achieve your athletic goals.  Our team has put together a training camp for aspiring athletes who want to compete in fitness and in CrossFit.

Come hone your skills, get your off-season program started now and get a head start on the competition.  September 29 and 30 2012.

Here is what you get.


  • Individualized Screening and Mobility Program
  • how to structure your off-season Programing for Competitive Crossfit
  • Technical Instruction on Crossfit Movements and when to adjust technique
  • Technical swim instructions
  • Swim Wods
  • Nutrition for training, pre-competition and competition
  • Olympic lifting sessions with 2 time Olympian Chad Vaughn and National Champion Jodi Vaughn
  • Multiple Wods with High Level Athletes

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Michael Tillman DPT, CSCS, CF-L1

Mike is a doctor of physical therapy who has treated professional athletes for nearly 15 years.  He has vast amounts of experience in keeping elite level athletes in top condition for their sport.  Mike has treated numerous competitive crossfit athletes since 2007.  Mike has countless hours in observing and assisting athletes in the maintenance and prevention of common overuse issues.  His expertise and information is of the highest importance in competitive high level sports. Michael will screen and provide an individualized mobility and function plan for each athlete in attendance.


David Tillman BS, CSCS, CF-L1

David Tillman has been programming strength and conditioning programs for 20 years.  He has worked with athletes both professional and amateur football, baseball, basketball, track & field, and crossfit.  He has coached 2 athletes to qualify for the international Reebok CrossFit Games as well as numerous athletes that have qualified for regional level competitions.  David will be discussing year round programming for the competitive crossfitter.  You will be provided with a template to follow for off -season programming up to competition prep.  Advanced techniques on crossfit movements and mental competition strategies will also be covered.


Chad Vaughn, CF-L1, 2 time Olympian, 8 time National Champion

Chad is a renowned Olympic Weightlifter. He is a 2-time Olympian, 8-time National Champion, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk in that sport.  With more than 15 years of utilizing and application of elite level training programs, Chad shares this knowledge with top level CrossFit competitors all over the United States as well as our own athletes. Coach Chad also has had the privilege of assisting the Again Faster Competition team as a guest coach.


Jodi Vaughn, CF-L1, National Champion


2011 National Champion, Jodi has over 15 years of experience in Olympic Weightlifting. Including participating as a member of the Junior World Team, World Team, Pan American Team, and Olympic alternate AND holds a Junior American Record that has stood for over 10 years.  Jodi began competing in CrossFit in 2011 and shows how the high level of skill required for successful competitive Olympic Lifting can benefit in CrossFit Competitions.



Wladimir Montoya, CF-L1, Competitive Swim Coach


Wlad has been a competitive swimmer for over 13 years.  After swimming competitively in college he discovered Crossfit.  Wladi has spent time combining competitive swimming and competitive crossfit.  He is a multiple time competitor at the regional level and a highly experienced coach.  He provides a wealth of knowledge on combining the technical aspects of swimming for the purpose of demolishing that swim wod.  He will be leading the swim technique evolution as well as the swim/crossfit wod.



Nikki Isbell, CF-L1, Nutrition Specialist

Nikki brings a vast amount of competitive experience to the table.  Along with multiple qualifications at the regional level.  She qualified for the 2009 international CrossFit Games and competed in Aromas, California.  She is nutrition certified and understands the intricacies of nutritional demands and organization for competitive crossfit.  She holds multiple certifications in nearly every area of fitness and the sport of fitness.

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