CrossFit for Hope


SuperStrong Class starts next Monday, May 14th from 6:30-8:30pm at the 609 Box. Want to become stronger for next year’s CrossFit Open? Now is the time! There are limited spaces available and you MUST REGISTER ahead of time. REGISTER HERE

Combat Conditioning is an on-going class that puts you through the conditioning a MMA fighter would use -except you don’t get kicked in the face. Want to try out a class? email

OPEN GYM – Saturday at 9:30am


CrossFit Cedar Park is participating in this charity event on June 9th to raise money for the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The overall HQ goal is to raise enough money to cover 1 day of operating expense for the hospital – 

Dynamic warm up
6 of each
lunge stretch
leg cradle
hand walks
pvc arm circles
press ups

Group warm up
6 count burpees
10 each of
high knees
butt kicks
bottom squat hold 30sec-1 min (first round only)
push ups (2nd round hand release)

Internal external rot

10 minutes of Kipping HSPU practice.
kick push

In 1 minute perform
10 toe 2 bar
1 heavy clean and jerk
Rest 1 minute

7 rounds. You may adjust weight between rounds if you have time.

Score is total weight for all 7 rounds
If you miss an attempt that is scored as a ZERO
Mad mobi
Press ups
Roll lats
Lat band stretch
Corner stretch

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