Sometimes you just gotta say “what the heck.”

Honey Badger Teamwork!


Saturday – Open Gym at 9:30am

1pm – Paleo BBQ with CrossFit  Centex in Belton, TX

Saturday, April 21st – Kids Open Gym!

Sunday, April 22nd – CFCP Family Cookout

4pm – 6:30pm at Milburn Park Pavilion

Grab your family, a dish to share and head to the park to play some games and just hang with your  CFCP Family . Please RSVP to the facebook invite and if you see a CFCPer that hasn’t been invited yet – share it!!!


WOOT WOOT! The tshirts will be here next week (per the printer)

Shirts will be on sale along with these awesome shades! “Sometimes you just gotta say ‘what the heck’.”

Dynamic warm up

6 of each

lunge stretch

leg cradle

hand walks

pvc arm circles

press ups


Group warm up

6 count burpees

10 each of


high knees

butt kicks

bottom squat hold 30sec-1 min (first round only)


push ups (2nd round hand release)



2 sets to failure

Seated db press 41X0.

Meaning from the top 4 seconds to get to the bottom of the movement

1 second pause

X means back to the top as fast as possible

0 means no pause at the top

Weight should be a weight causing failure between 8-12 reps. Record max reps completed


2 min row score calories

2 min pull ups

2 min push press (95,65)

2 min squats

2 min rest

3 rounds for reps



Press ups

Lat band stretch

Thoracic ext

Knee on the wall

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