How is your snatch?

Coaching Up Those Skills









A few technical pointers for the workout tomorrow.


Snatch MetCon


See Tomorrow will be a blast!!!



Dynamic warm up
6 of each
lunge stretch
leg cradle
hand walks
pvc arm circles
press ups

Group warm up

6 count burpees
10 each of
high knees
butt kicks
bottom squat hold 30sec-1 min (first round only)
push ups (2nd round hand release)

7 Minutes practice chest 2 bar pull ups
work technique and quality.

part 1
with a kip
5 minutes of toe 2 bar hand release “Cindy”

substitute toe 2 bar for pull ups and use hand release push ups

Part 2
In 10 minutes
run 400 meters between each round of

20 kb snatch
20 air squats
20 back extensions (supermans)

score reps (start with the 400)

Mad Mobi

Roll calf w barbell
roll quad w barbell
press ups
IT band up and over.

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