The Week Before Christmas



No open gym on Christmas Eve!


Dynamic Warm up

lunge stretch
hand walks(inch works)
Frankenstein kicks
press ups
arm circles

Group Warmup
6 count burpees x 5 (regular in round 2)
10 each of
high knees
butt kicks
squats (30 sec hold round 1)
push ups (hand release round 2)

30 heavy russians use the hips and keep the heals down.

yay negative deadlifts!!!

Deadlifts @ 50% of max

2 sets

from the top 40X1 (4 sec down, touch, up quickly, 1 second rest at top.)

8-12 reps (you should hit “failure between 8-12 reps) Loss of lumbar curve is a “failure”
this tempo can be tough to count so you may need to have half the class count reps or tempo for the other half.

“Kb kicks my butt”

amrap in 10 min

15 kb swings
20 steps lunges holding kb
10 kb snatch each hand

record weight and reps/rounds

Rest approximately 1-2 min

Ab Test

finish with 5 min of fun the hard way

(20lb med ball)


1 jack knife sit ups
2 reverse sit ups
3 jack knife
4 reverse
5 jack knife
top score 242

press ups
hamstring up n over
shoulder bully
corner stretch

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